Software Testing

Nowadays most of the companies or clients prefer third party Software Testing services to keep the quality of software or systems optimum. Outsourcing software testing to a specialized vendor like Infointensify System provides access to better talent and reduces risk.

Every member of our team is well-versed in the fundamentals of software testing, as well as the latest techniques and technologies.

We provide the following testing services to our clients
  • API Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Load/Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Database testing
  • Cross browser testing
  • Component and API testing

We Expertise in Software Testing Tools
  • Performance Tools:
    Load Runner, OpenSTA, WAPT, Jmeter and Microsoft ACT
  • Functional Tools:
    QTP, Winrunner, Selenium Automation.
  • Open Source Testing Tools:
  • Bug Tracking Tools:
    Just track
  • Unit Testing Tools:
    Nunit and Junit
  • Security Testing Tool:
    HP QA Inspect and IBM Appscan
  • Configuration Management Tools:
    VSS, CVS, SVN, Source Jammer, and Perforce
  • Industry Standard Compliance Tools:
    QTP, Winrunner, and Loadrunner
  • Test Management Tools:
    Quality Center, Test Director